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Experimental Technique

Fig:1 TRMOI setup.

The Time resolved Magneto-Optical Imaging (TRMOI) technique is based on the Faraday effect. The vector of a linearly polarized beam of light passing trough a "sensible" medium is rotated of an angle proportional to the intensity of the applied magnetic field.

The MOI experimental setup consist of a custom assembled polarizing microscope combined with a continuous flow cryostat. Two different light sources can be used in the experiments a Hg-vapors lamp and a Q-switched Nd:YLF diode-pumped solid-state laser with a pulse repetition frequency (PRF) that can be varied from single shot to 1kHz. The PRF of the laser is synchronized with the AC current frequency generated by a computer controlled power source. A deep cooled CCD camera acquires digital images at the selected value of the AC current phase. Finally the acquired images are stored and processed by a dedicated Personal Computer.

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Funding: DoE




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