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Defects in Semiconductors 

Important Results:

  1. Bond Center Hydrogen
  2. H/D Isotope Effect
  3. Structure Dependent Lifetimes
  4. Hydrogen Bending Modes
  5. Interstitial Oxygen in Si and Ge


>> Sturcture Dependent Lifetimes

The lifetimes of the Si-H vibrational stretch modes of the H2* (2062 cm-1) and HV·VH(110) (2072.5 cm-1) defects in crystalline Si are measured directly by transient bleaching spectroscopy from 10 K to room temperature.

The interstitial-type defect H2* has a lifetime of 4.2 ps at 10 K, whereas the lifetime of the vacancy-type complex HV·VH(110) is 2 orders of magnitude longer, 291 ps. This behavior is attributed to the distinctly different local structure of these defects and the accompanying local vibrational modes. In the HV·VH(110) complex, the relatively large open volume of the vacancies leads to a small interaction between the hydrogen and the silicon atoms, resulting in a longer vibrational lifetime.


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  1. G. Lüpke, X. Zhang, B. Sun, A. Fraser, N. H. Tolk, L. C. Feldman, Structure-Dependent Vibrational Lifetimes of Hydrogen in Silicon, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 2002, pp. 135501-4.

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Funding: NSF, DoE, Jeffress Foundation




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