Professor Mark Hinders
W&M Applied Science Dept.
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795

Mark Hinders holds BS, MS and PhD in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, and is currently Professor of Applied Science at William & Mary. Before coming to Williamsburg, Professor Hinders was Senior Scientist at Massachusetts Technological Laboratory, Inc., and also Research Assistant Professor at Boston University. Before that Dr. Hinders was an Electromagnetics Research Engineer at the USAF Rome Laboratory located at Hanscom AFB, MA. Professor Hinders conducts research in medical imaging, intelligent robotics, security screening, remote sensing and nondestructive evaluation. He and his students study the interaction of acoustic, ultrasonic, elastic, thermal, electromagnetic and optical waves with materials, tissues and structures. Youtube videos of Prof. Hinders are here. These videos and the other links are intended for prospective graduate students who want to get a sense for who we are, what we do, and where we do our work. This new book describes our machine learning research.


The focus of our work is to implement new and better measurements with both novel instrumentation and machine learning that automates the interpretation of the various (and multiple) imaging data streams. Each student’s research typically has application to several seemingly quite different areas, in order to gain meaningful experience in multiple industries. Our graduates have gone on to work in a wide variety of jobs, and many of our current research projects are being done in close collaboration with our former students:


Pierre Emeric, PhD 1995

Head of Advanced R&D

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


Mike Seale, PhD 1996

Asst. VP Academic Affairs

Lindsey Wilson College


Joseph Zalameda, MS 1996

Aerospace Technologist



Larry C. Dickinson, PhD 1997

Founder and Principal



Agus Ananda, PhD 1997

Research Scientist

Computer Sciences Corporation


Michael S. West, PhD 1997

Senior Systems Engineer



James Mckeon, PhD 1998

Director of Technology

Sonix, Inc.


Mike Watkins, PhD 1999

Chief of Technology

Tierra View, LLC


Deonna Woolard, PhD 1999

Professor & Chair of Physics

Randolph-Macon College


Adam Friedman, PhD 2000

Science and Technology Manager

FTS International


Gene Malyarenko, PhD 2000

Senior Scientist

Tessonics Corp.


Laura Smith, MS 2001.

Aerospace Technologist

NASA Langley Research Center


Ted Lynch, PhD 2001.

Vice President

CIRS, Inc.


Brian Killough,PhD 2003.


NASA Langley Research Center


Alice Fan, MS 2003

Atmospheric Science

NASA Langley Research Center


James Hou, PhD 2004

Sr. Scientist, Research and Advanced Development

Natus Medical Inc.


Kevin R. Leonard, PhD 2004

Research Physicist

Army Night Vision Laboratory


Erik S. Weiser, PhD 2004

Deputy Director, Operations

NASA Langley Research Center


Randy Wojcik, PhD 2004

President and CEO

Ray Visions, Inc.


Kathleen Powell, MS 2005

Atmospheric Science

NASA Langley Research Center


Wen Gao, PhD 2005

Machine Learning Developer


Kevin Rudd, PhD 2007

Program Officer



Martin Hou, PhD 2007

Senior Process Engineer



William L. Fehlman II, PhD 2008

Director of Data Science



Ron Quinlan, PhD 2008

Assistant Professor

Christopher Newport University


Jill Bingham, PhD 2008

NDI Engineer

The Boeing Company


Crystal Acosta, PhD 2010

Senior Director

Capital One


Cara Leckey, PhD 2011

Branch Head



Corey Miller, PhD 2013

Senior Scientist

Ursa Space Systems


Eric Dieckman, PhD 2014

Assistant Professor

University of New Haven


Victor E. Trujillo II, PhD 2019

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

United States Military Academy


Spencer Kirn, PhD 2021

Senior Data Scientist



Margaret Rooney, PhD 2021

Research Mathematician