Manos Group at William & Mary

Prof. Manos' group has performed research in the fundamental science which underlies the formation and characterization of surfaces and interfaces with particular specialized properties. These properties include resistance to corrosion, reduced friction, pre-determined electrical properties, such as the production of high-quality, high-value-added superconducting or semiconducting thin films, specialized reflectors or absorbers for light, heat, or x-rays, and so forth. Research included plasma-surface interactions, surface cleaning and passivation, surface modification by particle and photon bombardment, and many other areas of fundamental and applied importance.

Among the commercial applications of this technology are developments required for the next generation of semiconductor manufacturing tools. Semiconductor processing in these tools must be performed by so-called "low damage" processes in order to give economically competitive yields. These processes must also be environmentally acceptable, producing no residual toxins that can enter the air or water supply. In the main, this means that "dry" processing provided by plasmas is far superior to polluting "wet" alternatives

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Professor of Physics
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